Membership to YourLocalStores.com.au is free at the moment, you can even choose a stylish template at no charge. There is seller transaction fees of 10 % of the total sale price which is guaranteed to be frozen until June 30th 2016 . At the end of the promotion, the registration and or transactions may vary and will be bound to one of the options listed in the section “Seller Charges”. But if there are any changes we will let you know. The usual PayPal/Credit Card transaction fees also apply on sales.
Yes, the price you sell your products/services must be of equal value or less than the price for that product in your store.
Email Verification
The email address verification allows us to ensure that the account provided at registration phase does not belong to another user. Therefore, to use our services it is necessary to verify the e-mail.
Forgotten Password
Select "Log in" on the homepage (top right), click on " Forgot password? " and follow the instructions.
Who can open a store
YourLocalStores is open to all quality local retailers, service providers, market stores and home sellers. Including food makers - farms, cooking lessons,caterers, butchers, green grocers, bakeries, pastry shops, Basically all your local stores and services. But we are picky about quality...
YES. We love you and your store is exaclty what YourLocalStores.com.au is all about. We are here to help you get your store online. We’ve even created a library of images with generic products to help you do so. It’s so easy to open to your store, you may as well do it now. We have a rule though. You must sell quality goods or state that they are second grade in your product information. 
Purchase Information
That’s right- We are a meeting place and are not the middle man - we are just putting buyers in contact with producers/sellers.Therefore buyers are buying directly from the producer or service provider. If it’s a product, the seller will pack and have the buyers goods ready for collection or they will be delivered. If it’s a service, just get in contact and make your appointment.
Visit the website www.YourLocalStores.com.au and discover and easy way to Shop Eat and Enjoy Local. Whenever you decide to buy a product or service select the desired quantity by clicking "Add" and repeat the same process for all the products you intend to buy. When you’re done, click on the cart at the top right and head to check out.You can buy both tangiable goods and services and deals on the YourLocalStores.com.au website. At the check you can select if you would like to collect your items or have them delivered.
The seller will package it up for you. You can either select to “pick up” your product from your local st
Transaction Fee’s for Buyer
Yes you do, as you would probably do so in most retail stores. The buyer covers a transaction fee. Which is small fee of 2.6% of the total price.
Transaction Fee’s for Seller
Yes you do, you cover the the 30 Cents AUD per order fee that is charged by PayPal and a percentage of the total sale is paid to YourLocalStores.com.au
Purchase Information - Food products
Yes you need to be home otherwise the goods will be left at your door. Please add a comment and let the delivery person know where to put your items. If you have an esky, you can leave it out. Due to the nature of our delivery process.FOOD ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE STORES. They must be left at the address chosen by you. Maybe it’s best to have it delivered to your place of work during working hours.
Yes. Best option. Just put the address where you will know that someone will be there to accept the goods.THIS IS THE BEST OPTION AS OTHERWISE YOUR GOODS WILL BE LEFT AT YOUR FRONT DOOR EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT
Payment Methods
Payment can be made by credit/debit card. Visa, Master Card and American Express via Paypal. At the moment, no other payment method is accepted. But we are working on it.
The customer will be charged at the end of the purchasing process.
Payment - Seller
When an order is placed, you will receive the payment 14 days from delivery.This allows for our RETURN POLICY to be fulfilled if need be.
Yes, the seller may deliver to your area. Not all sellers deliver please check before purchasing products. 
Shipping address amendments cannot be made once your order has been processed. If any important change needs to be made please email us at hello@yourlocalstores.com.auWe will immediately get in touch with the forwarder and provide the correct information.
You can keep track of the status of the shipment by selecting "My orders" in your dashboard.
You can keep track of the status of the shipment by selecting "My orders" in your dashboard.
Shipment days may vary depending on the retailer or producer. Please make sure to check the shipping details of each producer on every product page. As soon as your products are ready to go, the producer will courier or post or deliver the product the earliest date.  Or deliver it themselves. If you have chosen a specific day, they should arrive on that day.
The store will have an order before time for same day or next day delivery.
1.    Australia Post. Please all
Yes you most certainly can. Just select the Collect only tab when you set up your store.
YourLocalStores will send an email to the gift recipient to inform him/her about who the sender is and that the voucher is available. They will need to have or open an account in order to use the voucher.
Wohoo lucky you. You need to either log into your account or create an account at YourLocalStores in order to use the voucher. Then enter the voucher code and your account will be credited.
If you ship sub standard or low quality food and or products and services. Due to the high quality expectation of goods and services our buyers expect, You will not longer be able to sell through YourLocalStores. Our reputation is very important and our decision is final
If you experienced any problems with the products received (missing, damaged or not corresponding to the order), you are eligible to request a refund within 10 days of receipt : read carefully our Terms & Conditions. But we prefer it if you ask for another replacement product to be sent out first. You If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by writing an email to hello@yourlocalstores.com.au , stating : Order Number Date Producer name Problem We will find a solution in the shortest possible time. In case you ordered perishable goods, you can apply for a refund without returning the product(s). Please see Terms & Conditions for further details.
We’re sorry but once the item is ordered or shipped then you are not able to cancel or return the order.
The Seller will enclose a TAX INVOICE for your purchase. YourLocalStores.com.au only issues you with an online order product list. It is not a Tax Invoice. 
As the purchase happens between the customer and the producer with no middle men, each invoice will be issued directly by the producer,seller, store or you will be given an invoice once you have used the service. If you do not receive one, then please ask for one.
It should be included in your package or when you use the service. Please contact the seller if you do not receive a tax invoice.
Send an email to the seller you bought the products from specifying all the changes that need to be done. YourLocalStores.com.au can also help and we will contact the seller and urge the corrections. As soon as the document becomes available, we will ask them to send it to you.
When a refund for an order that has already been invoiced is granted due to issues with the product, the seller will be required to issue a credit note which will be sent to the buyer.  
You can immediately proceed with the corrections and send the revised version to the customer directly if you have the address or send to  hello@yourlocalstores
As soon as the request will be accepted, YourLocalStores.com.au will immediately start a refund procedure through PayPal. Refund time may vary slightly and doesn’t depend on YourLocalStores.com.au.
If, for any reason not attributable to YourLocalStores.com.au, the producer decides to decline the order, the amount paid will automatically be refunded. Refund time may vary and doesn’t depend on YourLocalStores.com.au.
YourLocalStores.com.au was created to enable small independent retailers / sellers to affordably and easily compete in the online market. Therefore any legitimate business selling quality products can open a store with YourLocalStores.com.au If you are a seller you must ensure you have great products of high quality. It could be muffins, fruit to choc dipped strawberries. 
When somebody asks us who we are, we like to introduce ourselves as "The meeting place for locals". We enable local buyers and sellers to get in contact with ease. We promote small business that would more than likely not be able to promote themselves. Our sellers are your neighbours, friends, local businesses who are moving forward in the digital age to sell their goods, wares and services online. It is currently free for a seller to open a store so if you have some great products to sell. Please open your store today. 
After clicking on the product, you will be redirected to the its page where there may be a short description and all the accessory information provided by the seller. If you like the product - Facebook it, Instagram it, Pinterest it. In doing so it SUPPORTS LOCAL STORES
YourLocalStores.com.au connects directly the producers/ sellers/ retailers with their customers by providing an intuitive management system online. However, YourLocalStores.com.au doesn’t handle sales directly and can’t guarantee that all products are either in stock or ready for shipment at the time of the purchase. If a product happens not to be available after an order is placed, the seller willl either offer a replacement with a similar product or YourLocalStores.com.au will transact a refund. In order to avoid unpleasant delays, YourLocalStores.com.au kindly advises to carefully read all delivery details in every product page before proceeding with the purchase. Some may only be able to be collected.
YES. But it must be of good quality. The Producer/ Seller / Retailer may, at any time, change the availability and size of all his/her products on YourLocalStores.com.au by selecting "Products " from his/her dashboard. Product availability If you wish to temporarily suspend the sale of a product, select “Products” from your dashboard and set its status to "unPublish" Attributes - If you wish to delete a specific attribute of a product just click on the attributes and remove that attribute. If you wish to add a new attribute instead. Its easy, just go the prodcut and click attrbute. There will be a list of attribute there.Discounts are optional and up to the seller. Any time a seller wishes to add a new product they can do so easily from their dashboard by clicking on "Product" and "Add" 
Log in to your dashboard and check all your pending orders. Bottom left of your dashboard.
When you have something awesome to sell at a great price, you can create a deal to alert buyers to your super sale. You choose how many deals are available and for how long. (maximum 90 days) You MUST ENTER THE FINE PRINT in order for the deal to become activated. We have made it easier and included some simple questions to help you along.
A deal only has a maximum of 1 - 90 days validity from the first day of creation. This it to keep the deals fresh and new.
The buyer makes a booking with you. Once you perform the service they must give you a unique code that you enter into your dashboard. This enables the transaction to automatically take place and the money forwarded to your account. There is a maximum validity of 89 days  or less for a deal to be redeemed by a buyer. If the buyer does redeem the deal with in this time frame it will become void. 
Once the deal time has expired, (The deals have a maxium of 89 days to be redeemed by the buyer) the deal will close and the buyer will no longer be able to use the deal. Do not accept the voucher as you will not be able to redeem the money through your dashboard. Any unused transactions/money are forwarded to and will become the property of YourLocalStores.com.au. There is a maximum of 89 days for the buyer to redeem the deal voucher.
Go to "PRODUCT" in your dashboard. Then "LIST" Under each product you will see and "EDIT" link. Click edit on the prodcut you wish to put on sale. At the bottom left of the product information page. Tick the "SALE" box. You can then enter the percentage discount or the amount you wish.  OR you can click on "PRODUCT" and from the drop down list click "SALE" A new window will open, click "ADD" in the top right hand side. 
In your Seller Dashboard click on "SHOP" then "HOMEPAGE" Here you can select your featured products and your home page banner. Click on the middle section with the title "Featured" you can showcase a maximum of three products in this section. 
Click on the banners link in your dashboard and you can select a banner from the library or upload a new one. The smallest banner size is 1170 pixels x 437 pixels
Click on Banners and you will see a text box. Write in that box and hit publish.
YourLocalStores has provided a library of around 10 000 generic images you can use for free in your store to illustrate a product. They range from branded products to generic food items such as blue cheese to granny smith apples. Please use the library. Howevere you cannot download the images or use them in anyother situation other than in your YourLocalStores.com.au store. A breach of this will incur major fee as some images are owned by third parties. A copyright breach fee for using YourLocalStores images is $5000 AUD per image.
Referring a friend is a great way to support your local community independent businesses. And at this stage we send you our love and big hugs and say thanks for getting into the spirit of it. But are working on a little bonus, so stay tuned.
Mega Sales are limited time offers that allow you to buy on YourLocalStores.com with special discounts. YourLocalStores.com.au will announce a Mega Sales promo codes and their validity through different channels (email, social networks, etc.). Insert the promo code at checkout and apply it: if the offer is still valid, the discount will be automatically deducted from the total due. The Mega Sale code can be used only once and cannot be combined with gift cards or other promo codes.
Promo coupons are non-refundable. In the event that a purchase made with a promo code results in a declined order or return, for any reason, the coupon code will become invalid and cannot be used at any other time.
yes some products are GST inclusive and the seller will send you a Tax Invoice with your goods. You only receive a product receipt from Your Local Stores and it is therefore not an Tax Invoice.
Manufacturer or producer
Fantastic, we try make it as easy as it possible for the sellers to load the products into their stores. We currently have around 50 000 product images in our library that are free to use for the sellers. Please send us an email with product images and we will add them. Please name file and separare each word with and underscore. Name_Brand_Weight for example Chilli_Sauce_BobsChutneys_400grams
Two reasons, we are picky about design and how YourLocalStores looks and also bad photos, don’t help to sell your great products. If you need help in finding a photographer please get in contact and we will help put you in touch. We also have our own product studio and can shoot the products for you for a small fee.