Isn’t it about time that you had one website , one online marketplace that you could go to and buy all your necessities and luxury items from local merchants?


One stop, one source, with so many choices. 


There are hundreds of reasons for buying your necessities as well as luxury items and special services from YourLocalStores.com.au, your local and friendly online dealer. If you want to be connected to your community... there is no better way! 



Buying from YourLocalStores.com.au is easy as 1, 2, 3…..  



We have a broad range of products from groceries to handy and or beautiful homewares. You can purchase any of these online in one check out with ease. If you buy a product it will be shipped to you or you can collect it ( dependent on seller). If you purchase a service, you will be emailed a voucher with a unique code that you need to pass onto the service provider.  


Lets get you started 

4 simple steps- 




Log in 

Start shopping... 




Register here . It’s easy just click ?here www.yourlocalstores.com.au/buyer/registration ?it opens in a new tab.  



1. Fill in your details and use a valid Email address as a verification link will be sent to you . (check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox) Check the email from us and click on the link to enable verification.  


2. . Verify 

Use your email address you provided and password to login into the website  

3. Log in at www.yourlocalstores.com.au using your email address and your private password. 


4. Start shopping and supporting local independent businesses. Which are your neighbours, friends and familes 




Finding a Product 

It’s easy to find what you are looking for. We have several tools for you to browse our sellers products, view particular categories, search business or search for a specific item. We have created different galleries for each broad category. Such as New Arrivals, Top Sellers, & Customer Favourites. Which we call New in, We love and You love.  



Choose the type  

Browsing: Not sure what you are looking for or what's available. 

Visit our Galleries by clicking on the link tabs on the top of each page. Such as New In, Fashion, Groceries. 

In addition, you can use the "Shop By Categories" box in the top left with a drop-down menu for popular broad categories. 





Type a keyword in the "Search" box and hit "Enter" or click on the arrow icon to the right of the box. The search will yield broad results for you to review since our search engine matches all images associated with that keyword. For example, if you type the word "green" in the search box, we will give you the following results to choose from: 

Green Apples 

Green Table Cloth 

Green tiger Prawns 

Or if you type Beef. The following results will appear. Beef Sausages, Beef Steak… 


The stores with those products or services closest to you will appear first. The default distance is 15 kilometres, but you can select any distance you like and if you wanted to see beef sausages from Manly to Cairns.  




Placing an Order 

Ordering from yourlocalstores.com.au is Private , Fun, Secure and Simple! 

  1. Under each thumbnail (small) image, we list key details to help you with your purchase decision or for more information click on the item and a new window will open up where you can choose your size, colour, weight and quantity: 

  1. Name  

  1. Product Type  

  1. Order Information & Viewing Options  

  1. To view a single, larger version of your selection, click on the image itself . 

  1. Click "Add to Cart" to start filling your shopping cart with items you wish to purchase. You can shop from different stores and have one check out. When you are ready to proceed with your order, click on "Proceed to Checkout". 

  1. Enter if you would like to collect or have the items delivered and Select the time slot for the ?pick up or delivery.  

  1. Verify the Shipping Information. There is a default option, which will identify your nearest store or the last store you ordered from.(this is if there are different locations for the one store) ?If you need to make changes, click on the pick up, delivery options menu. You change if you want to pick it up, have it delivered and a time frame for either  

  1. On the next page, "Please Confirm Your Purchase", select your Shipping Options, and, if appropriate, enter any Gift Certificate or Coupon Code you have. Click "Next". 

  1. Select your payment preference to Pay On-Line via Pay Pal or Credit Card. We accept.  

  1. Visa  

  1. MasterCard  

  1. American Express 

  1. PayPal  

  1. PayPal Contents 

  1. Once you've selected your payment method and channel, follow the prompts on each page, and carefully review your information. Once you are finished with the process, we suggest you print a copy of the page with your confirmed Order # and items. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been submitted. Your items will also be listed in your buyer dashboard.  


  1. We do not offer COD, wire or bank transfer options. 




Receiving your Products 


Deliver or Pick Up Choose to either collect the products from your local store or have it delivered.  

Free or Fee. The store may offer delivery for a small fee, for free or via a postal/ courier service.  

Delivery Locations. Check each store to see if they deliver in your area Most stores deliver all over Australia, but some fresh food ones only deliver locally. ?Food products can be delivered  where the sellers have their own delivery service.  

What time? Select what time frame you would like to either pick up your goods or have them delivered.  




Redeeming Your Service Voucher. 

Once you order your service online you will be sent and email with the details and ?a unique code that you need to pass onto the service provider. It is best if you print out this invoice and take it to the store. 

Once you redeem your order, it will no longer be visible in your dashboard. You will have 90 days to use this voucher.  


Give a Gift Voucher.  

Yourlocalstores.com.au is a great way to give a gift. They recipient can use the voucher in any of the YourLocalStores.com.au stores. So they can choose food, fashion or a cooking lesson 

Purchase a gift voucher and we will email you the voucher with the unique code that is entered by recipient to redeem the products. 


If you need any help with anything please contact us at hello@yourlocalstores.com.au