Photograph it to SELL it.

A few photography tips to help you present yourself and your products in the best light! People want to see what they are buying so-

Keep the background plain and the lighting soft.

Use a white piece of paper, sheet or cardboard and create a curve for the background.  You want your products to POP off the screen. White makes your product stand out. Buyers can see exactly what they are purchasing. If it's colourful and you want it to stand out you could also use a black background.

Place the background near a window in the soft light. ( not direct sun) The best time is when the sun is at its strongest.

If you can get in close enough to fill the frame, do so. If not shoot the closest you can and crop later. You can crop on your smartphone.


Angles - Shoot from many different angles. From above, eye level, from below, and a 45 degree angle. ''\


If you are creating environmental picture make sure the product is easily seen and doesn't get lost.

For larger objects  Hang a white sheet ( or connect two together) and curve the bottom out, to give you a white floor for the model to stand on. Again use soft lighting from the window. If possible have the window behind you but to the left or right a little. So you don't block the light and it gives the product a bit of angled lighting.

If shooting outside-

Try shoot on a cloudy day or in the shade. You can create some fantastic environmental pictures showing your products in the environment it's made for. Take a few pictures, move around and edit later.