YLS the  local and friendly online meeting place for sellers and buyers.


It's time to sell your goods and home grown products to your community with ease and convenience. Your neighbors want to see what you are creating and now they can! One site, one destination and with a policy of support and good will throughout!

YSL has made selling locally easy and and hassle free.. We are here to promote you! Let us!

Here is all you have to do!



1. Register your account by completing the seller form. The link is found in the top right hand corner of the home page or click here http://yourlocalstores.com.au/seller



2a. Shop Name

2b. Select Business category. You can choose from Home + Living. Grocery (all food products) and  Services  (if you provide lessons or a service) 

2c. Select the subsections of your products. You can select as many categories as need be. For example you may sell bakery products and meat. So you would select Baker + Patisserie and also Butcher. 

2d. Enter a brief description about your store and what you sell.

3.. If you have a retail outlet or sell from home and allow clients to come to you. Then tick shop with available outlet.

4.. Enter your SHOP address.

5.. Select Package - there is currently only the one FREE** to open a store package. 

2h. Click on the Submit button. 


SHOP SETTINGS - this is where you set up your shop account details. By default all the details you have already entered will be saved here. You can still change any of this if your shop is at a different address. 


1. Shop Name

2. Shop Signature - This is a brief sentence about your store or products. 

3.Reciver email ID - The email you would like your orders to be emailed to. You may have set up a special email account for this.

4. Sender email ID - 

5. Phone number - enter a contact number where a person will be available to chat to the buyer if needed.

6. Merchant Pay Pal ID - you must have a Pay Pal account in order to open a YLS store. So money can be transferred to you account.

7. Shipping - Select if you use Auspost ( automatic freight calculations) or the buyer can collect. You can select both. 

7a. Self Delivery - Select if you have your own delivery service and select if delivery is free or for a fee. If for a fee enter the delivery amount. For example you may deliver for a set fee of $15.00 

Suburbs and days/times you deliver can be finalised in your admin section.

8. Order before time - enter the time the buyer must order before to obtain their goods. 

9. Meta Title - Enter a title for example Bakery

10. Meta Keywords - enter as many keywords as you can that relates to your store

11. Meta Description - A summary of the content in your store.

12. Click Submit. 




1. Select if your product is tangible i.e You can hold it or if its a service. If a service will be a voucher for your store. Vouchers are only available for a maximum of 90 days.

2. Select product details. Shop Category, Product Category and give the product a name. 

3. Product SKU - your inventory trackable number or the barcode. If you don't have one just put the number 1.

4. Enter the product retail price. For example. the price you want to sell the product for before it goes on sale. You can easily put a product on sale at a later date. 

5. Enter Product Unit - how many units per item - for example the buyer may receive 2 products.

6. Enter the height, width, weight.

7. Made or Grown in Australia- if your product is Australian made or grown - Note it is illegal to mislead buyers as to the origin of the product. If you are unsure do not select this. 

8. Mark as Featured - Select to enable the product to be displayed on your landing page. 

9. Buyer needs to be over 18 to purchase this product. Select if Alcohol or any other product where the buyer must be over 18. 

10. Short Description - Enter a very brief product description.

11. Product Attribute - Select this if your product comes in many sizes, weights and or colours. 

12. Image upload - Upload your own image or use a generic food image from the library. 



Include the weight or the word "each" or "box" or "bucket" etc in the product title. 

For example 

Granny Smith Apples Each

Granny Smith Apples 500g

Granny Smith Apples Box 

Granny Smith Apples Bucket


TEMPLATE - select template and click configure. 



Banner -This is the banner on your home page. You can have 5 images. Upload your banner image. Image dimension should be of equal to or higher than 1170 px x 437 pixels ( width by height)  



SHOWCASE your products on the YLS home page by clicking on the Showcase button in your admin. They then may be displayed on the home page in or the we love section.